We have our winners!

Grand Prize Coop All Kooped Up Deluxe Stagecoach Chicken Mobile StagecoachWe have drawn the winners for our Grand Prize Omelette House from All Kooped Up and our Deluxe Stagecoach from Chicken Mobile Stagecoach.

And the winners are...


Liz Bila for the Omelette House. See Liz's reaction during the Coop delivery!



Yvonne Johnson for the Deluxe Stagecoach

Congratulations, Ladies! 

Here are the names of all our raffle winners. Congratulations!

Winner Name(s)


Sponsored By

Liz Bila

Omelette House and Run

All Kooped Up

Yvonne Johnson


Deluxe Stagecoach

Chicken Mobile Stagecoach

Emma Vescovo

Nelson Carrington

Lisa Rans

Heather Nicole Hoffman

Luke Stollings

Sharon Musser


6 - Gift Certificates for 50 lb. bags of Coyote Creek Certified Organic Feed

Coyote Creek Farm

Larry Root

Dee Czora

Yolanda Baker


3 - Happy Hen Treats Gift Packages

Happy Hen Treats

Marisa Ramirez

Edie Johnson


2 Greenling Gift Baskets


Michelle Locke

Ken Skelton

Brandy Smallwood

Ashley Peterson

Julie Sprunt

Paige Caras

Debi Vanway

Kami Harcrow

Neil Coleman

Copies of 1 or more of the following books: Chicken Health for Dummies, 
Building a Chicken Coop for Dummies, and 
Raising Chickens for Dummies

Wiley Publishing

Chris Winkler





1 gift card for a set of coop plans;

1-gallon nipple waterer;

a pack of chicken art notecards


Lorraine Chammah

1-lb. of worms and coir bedding

Austin Worm Farm

Kristie Leims

Caroline Carlson

Michelle Nip

Jeannie Smith

Mary Teigen

Marcella Musgrave


6 copies of the newly released Reinventing the Chicken Coop

Storey's Publishing

Julia Fields

2 tickets to one of our cheese tasting classes 

Antonelli's Cheese Shop

Brandy Smallwood

Narissa Oden

Jason and Katie McClure

Wayne and Tena Zwart


4 - $20 gift certificates 

Black Star Co-op Pub and Brewery

Martin Harris

1 tote bag and 1 copy of Stories from the Hen House

Boggy Creek Farm

Roberta Bokros

1 copy of Afield: A Chef's guide to Preparing and CookingWild Game and Fish

Dai Due

Abel R. Villarreal

Robert Grote


2 - $50 gift certificates

El Naranjo

June Nelson

Beth Evans


2 - $50 gift certificates

Fabi and Rosi

Jeremiah Drake

Kathi Bucklin

Brandy Smallwood

Randi Field

Noah Schunck


5 - $25 Callahan’s gift certificates

Callahan’s General Store

Ivan Stansfeld

Melanie Cofield

Colleen Reily

Brenda Wilde

Kim Lardon


5 - $20 gift certificates

Wheatsville Food Co-op

Sonya Price

Minh Nguyen

Phillip Baird

Weldon Ponder


4 - Buck Moore Go Local Cards (with FCCT logo)

Buck Moore Feed and Supply